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Cleaning House

Cleaning House

Just as we might undertake a whole house cleaning in the spring, the New Year is a great time to think about a total body cleanse. A home over time collects all manner of dust, lint, cobwebs, little bits of this & that. We might clean on a regular basis to maintain around the house but there comes a time when it makes sense to do it in detail, behind the dryer, under the bed, in the kids’ closet and so on. Our bodies overtime like our homes will collect toxins. The human body has the ability to naturally eliminate waste and toxins on a daily basis. But depending on the individual and the amount of exposure some toxins will ultimately be stored long term.

These pollutants are stored in every part of the body, joints, bones, muscle tissue, internal organs, skin, eyes, body fat, and even our brains. As these toxins build up over the years they often lead to some type of unwelcome condition. We are exposed to these toxins in the air we breathe, water we drink, the food we eat (especially if it’s non-organic, refined and processed and loaded with chemicals) and through some not so healthy habits such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs (both illicit and certainly prescription) and sugar.  Our environment and food supply in today’s modern world conspires to pollute us. If the amount of toxins coming in is greater than the amount being expelled on a daily basis they can build up to dangerous levels. And when our bodies are busy processing and digesting food and dealing with toxic exposure there is little time for elimination.

The amount of toxic buildup will differ from one individual to another. One person might lead a relatively clean lifestyle and live in a relatively clean environment from day to day. Another may eat a chemical laden diet and work in a toxic occupation and more. Additionally one person may be inherently better equipped to naturally eliminate and or simply deal with a build- up of toxins over the years. Regardless of the person and circumstances anyone can benefit from the reduction in toxins.

One very effective way of reducing toxins, similar to a detailed house cleaning, is to embark on a “Fast”. A well executed Fast seeks out these stored toxins and eliminates them throughout the body. Fasting has been used for thousands of years to both treat and prevent illness and to maintain overall health. Fasting is referred to by every major religion in the world. Mahatma Gandhi said it “brings spiritual rebirth” and the father of modern medicine Hippocrates called it simply “ the best medicine”.

The idea is to give your body a break– a break from digesting food and dealing with chemicals and toxins.  Once you initiate this break, your body will swing into action and begin eliminating from every part. The effects from a well executed Fast can be profound. A Fast is also a great opportunity to break some not so healthy habits and start good ones. Although a Fast is not a good idea for weight loss it can be a excellent tool for starting an improved diet that will lead to long term health and weight loss.

Fasting is essentially a sharply restricted detoxifying diet. At the same time while Fasting you avoid any possible toxins especially the obvious such as alcohol, nicotine, coffee, caffeine, etc. (You may want to consider eliminating such things permanently). It’s also important to plan on getting plenty of rest, avoid any stress (Including stress from watching television as TV viewing is actually a stressful activity). Light exercise such as yoga and stretching can effectively increase the amount of toxins being released from muscle tissue, fat stores and joints and improves circulation for enhanced elimination. It’s also a good idea to plan a Fast when you have reduced responsibilities as you might find your mind to be a bit clouded as the your body begins purging from every corner.

There are different ways to approach a Fast. A true Fast and also the most aggressive is a water only Fast. Another milder option is a juice Fast. A good all around length of time if you want to see real results is 5 days although this is personal preference. A first timer may want to do a shorter 3 day Fast to get acquainted with process and build confidence.  Regardless of the type of Fast you choose it’s extremely helpful to include the use of detoxifying teas, purifying herbs and fiber. These teas and herbs will enhance and speed elimination and once the body starts eliminating it will purge toxins out through the skin, lungs and mainly the bowels. Fiber in the digestive tract will effectively act as a sponge to soak up and carry out the toxins.

If you have ever considered making a bold move, resetting your clock so to speak, a Fast could be the answer. It gives you something to plan and prepare for. You can start educating yourself and determine what’s the best method for you then decide when you’re going to do it and then make it happen. Some excellent resources for further learning on fasting are the books “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” and “The Encyclopedia for Natural Healing”. Remember, this is a powerful tool that you can add to your routine and use once a year or more often. You can experiment with slightly different methods until you find what works best for you. When done right, this works…it really works.

Written by DMK of Seven Grains.