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The Juice Fast

The Juice Fast

Here is an example of a five-day juice Fast that can help change your life. It’s an all-liquid diet. In this Fast you will consume two quarts, more or less, of juice a day spread out over breakfast lunch and dinner. You will also consume as much as two quarts of water a day and up to two quarts of herbal cleansing tea a day along with purifying herbs. The juices must be from organic vegetables and fruits only and preferably freshly juiced so as to contain the highest nutrient level.

This means you will need a juicer. There are two basic types of juicers. One type is a centrifugal juicer that extracts the juice by spinning at high speed. The other presses the juice out under pressure. Either type is acceptable. Another option is to purchase juice, but these also must be organic and not from concentrate. Regardless of your source for juice, you should avoid juice from tomatoes, citrus (except for lemons and grapefruit), bananas, and any type of melons as these are common allergens. Start preparing days before your Fast by cleaning up your diet and routine. Also plan on using this Fast to break any not so healthy habits. No doubt you should abstain completely from any not so healthy habits during your Fast. If possible avoid any medications during your Fast as they certainly contain chemical toxins.

On day one you will start by waking up to a tall glass of water with ½ of a fresh lemon squeezed into it. Lemon is a potent purifier. After maybe an hour it’s time to have breakfast, fresh juice. Take your time drinking the juice maybe an hour or so. This will help you feel satisfied longer. Between breakfast and lunch you will consume clean water and herbal teas. Remember your body will start dumping toxins immediately and you need plenty of fiber to help carry them away. Consider adding fiber to your water. Also herbal laxatives such as senna and cascara sagrada can be used to maintain regular elimination of waste and toxins. These laxatives can be taken as herbal teas as well. Bentonite clay is also something that can be added to the routine to absorb toxins in the intestinal tract.

Now it’s time for lunch and more fresh juice. Consider some powerful detoxifiers in your juice such as beets with their tops and all. Celery, carrot, pear, and apple juice are all excellent. Some more options are blueberry, cranberry and wheat grass juice. Maintain fresh water, fiber and herbal teas until dinner and your next serving of fresh juice. Remember to get lots of rest.

What to expect: If you have prepared properly and are taking your Fast serious you can expect on day one and two and maybe even three to feel a little tired or even a lot tired. You can also expect to be a little irritable with your head in a fog and maybe turned off by the smell of food cooking. On day three and four you’re feeling much better and by now you have adjusted to the routine.  By day four and especially five you’re feeling refreshed, clear minded, empowered and confident with a real sense of accomplishment.

A Fast that is carried out properly can have life changing results. Throughout history Fasts have been used to cure illness and restore health and vitality. It is a bold step that can help set your life and routine in a new direction. The true power of a Fast cannot be overstated. Set a date, plan for it, and then go for it.

Written by DMK of Seven Grains.