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Chill! We’ve got everything you need to stock your refrigerator and freezer. From Certified Organic and locally produced milks, dairy and non-dairy products, hand-gathered eggs (and you can throw in a selection of juices, sauerkraut, and other chillin’ goodies), to Organic Ice Cream and novelties, frozen fruits and veggies, pizzas, and lots of frozen entrees and breakfast staples. Our Fridge and Frost selection and pricing is, well, Cool!

We are proud to offer aisle after aisle of Natural and Organic Foods and products—many of which are Locally Grown and Raised - at prices the average family can afford.

How do we do this? We work with growers and manufacturers to buy in volume and negotiate the most aggressive prices we can—and then we pass them on to you!

Eating and Living Healthy shouldn’t take your whole paycheck.
We get it, and when you shop at Seven Grains Natural Market you get it too.