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Tallmade OH

About Seven Grains Natural Market

When Seven Grains Natural Market opened its doors in 1998 the goal was simple: to Offer Natural and Organic Foods at prices the average family could afford. We feel it’s important that quality foods aren’t just a luxury for a select few, but rather an opportunity for all growing families.

We also believe your natural shopping experience shouldn’t be confusing or misleading. After all, reading ingredients and confirming ingredient integrity is our job—not yours. This includes confirmation that the products on our shelves are either in the process of or have already received Non-GMO certification.

That means no games, no double-talk, no play on words, and no “questionable items” mixed in. For Seven Grains it’s all or nothing. If it’s on our shelves, it’s passed our test, and fair pricing is part of that test!

We are proud to offer aisle after aisle of Natural and Organic Foods and products—many of which are Locally Grown and Raised - at prices the average family can afford.

How do we do this? We work with growers and manufacturers to buy in volume and negotiate the most aggressive prices we can—and then we pass them on to you!

Eating and Living Healthy shouldn’t take your whole paycheck.
We get it, and when you shop at Seven Grains Natural Market you get it too.