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Don’t Let Allergies Slow You Down

Don’t let allergies slow you down

Spring is finally here and along with all the plants beginning to bloom and the warmer weather, comes those allergies that everyone dreads.  Your whole body can be affected by allergies, from itchy eyes to headaches to constant congestion. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy the springtime weather and activities without anything slowing them down, so what can you do to help?

Try changing your clothes and showering anytime you get home. This can help prevent you from carrying in any particles that may make your allergies worse.

One simple step to help prevent your allergies is checking the pollen count daily and if it is high try closing your windows to avoid the breeze from blowing in more pollen.

Eat foods high in quercetin like apples, peppers, and leafy greens which can help your reaction to pollen.

Stay hydrated, liquid can help thin your mucus making it easier to breath when congested. Try a hot tea with honey, local honey can help you become less sensitive and more immune to pollen in your area over time. Mixing a tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar into a glass of water can also work to fight symptoms and allergy attacks.

If you want a fast relief consider taking the Allergy Relief System, it contains quercetin and allotonic two herbs which work together to help stop your allergies before they start or help relieve the pesky allergies that are already there.

This season don’t let your allergies slow you down, do something to help prevent them.


Written by,

Miranda Habusta