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Organic Deli

Deli Meat that only contains meat. Wow, now that’s novel. Actually, that’s just normal at Seven Grains. In fact, we have pretty simple deli standards. Our Deli Meats DO NOT contain:

1.Water (it just ads false weight)  2. Fillers (to take the place of REAL meat)  3. Binders (to hold gelatinous yuck in shape to look like meat)  4. Flavor enhancers like MSG (shouldn’t real meat be flavorful enough?)  5. Preservatives like Sodium Nitrates and Nitrites (because we all want our deli meat to last in our fridge for weeks, right?)

And our cheese? Just pure aged cheeses made from milk and cows raised WITHOUT Antibiotics and BGH Bovine Grown Hormone. Pretty Simple, right?

We are proud to offer aisle after aisle of Natural and Organic Foods and products—many of which are Locally Grown and Raised - at prices the average family can afford.

How do we do this? We work with growers and manufacturers to buy in volume and negotiate the most aggressive prices we can—and then we pass them on to you!

Eating and Living Healthy shouldn’t take your whole paycheck.
We get it, and when you shop at Seven Grains Natural Market you get it too.