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Allergy and Meat Free Thanksgiving

The holiday season has begun! Thanksgiving is  less than a week away, and only the first of many holidays to come. No matter what holiday there is an abundance of food and family! However, with the prevalence of food allergies and dietary needs it becomes challenging to plan a holiday meal to satisfy all.

Those avoiding gluten have many options for holiday favorites. Remember, all fruits and vegetable are naturally gluten free. So the sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean supreme can all stay! There are gluten free onion crumbles for that green bean supreme as well as gluten free cream of mushroom soup. Gluten free stuffing is now available and very tasty.

Those avoiding meat and/or animal products have many options as well! There are a variety of meat free Thanksgiving entrees and sides. Just click here for details. Again, fruits and veggies are perfect for Thanksgiving meals and with out the distraction of meat, there are so many things to try!

Desserts can pose a challenge. Some recipes its as easy as using soy or almond milk instead of cows. Also, you can use regular milk (or substitute) for condensed milk by using a little less. (Slowly add the milk to recipe for desired consistency). Coconut Oil can be used in place of oil or butter. Eggs can be avoided by using bananas, flax meal, or an egg replacer. When avoiding gluten, certain flours are required such as almond, quinoa, white or brown rice, potato, or a packaged flour blend.

With a  little extra planning and some creativity, allergy free and meat free holiday meals are possible and delicious!

Written by CB of Seven Grains