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Skin Brushing For Health

Skin Brushing For Health

The skin is the largest organ on the human body. It is made up of cell layers, glands, and nerves to protect your body from extreme temperatures and harmful chemicals. Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your internal organs. Dry skin brushing has many benefits to one’s health. This simple tool can increase circulation, improve digestion and kidney function, reduce cellulite, reduce stress, stimulate the lymphatic system, and remove dead skins cells.

Our skin plays an important role in detoxifying our bodies. One way that skin brushing helps us detox is by removing dead skin cells. When The dead skin cells are removed, we are able to sweat and detox without the toxins becoming trapped under the dead skin. Dry skin brushing proves to be more beneficial in detoxifying the body than dead skin cell removal alone.

When you dry brush your skin you are also stimulating lymph nodes which play an important role is detoxification. When the lymph nodes are stimulated they release toxins into the blood stream for elimination. When these toxins are not being released they build up, causing inflammation and disease. Using a dry skin brush also increases circulation, which is important in detox as well. When toxins are released into the blood, they are able to be quickly eliminated.

Dry skin brushing is a wonderful way to reduce stress. It acts as a self-massage and can be meditative. Next time you want to practice some self-nurturing, pick up a dry skin brush and start brushing.

When choosing a dry skin brush, you want to make sure the bristles are firm, but not to the point of discomfort. Be sure to choose a brush with bristles made from natural materials. Your dry skin brush should have a long handle, enabling you to brush your back and other hard to reach areas.

How To Dry Skin Brush

Dry skin brushing can be very simple and rewarding. For best results, practice dry skin brushing daily. A great time to practice is in the morning before showering. When brushing, start at your feet then working your way to your legs, arms, torso, etc. Brushing towards your heart is ideal for increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. Since dry skin brushing increases circulation, there is a chance that it could give you slightly more energy. Keep this in mind if you decide to skin brush in the evening, because it may make it difficult to fall asleep. When dry skin brushing, keep in mind that this is not a cure but a way to nurture yourself and assist in improving your health. Have fun with this invigorating practice and remember to love yourself.


Written by

Diamond La Croix Integrative Nutrition Health Coach