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Self-Nurturing For Health

Self-Nurturing for Health

Self-nurture plays a very important role in health. Mother’s and fathers nurture their young to help them grow into happy healthy adults. Without self-nurture we can hold onto stress and lose touch with how we feel inside and out. This can have harmful effects on our bodies, including our organs, and our minds. By practicing self-nurture you can improve your mood, digestion, blood circulation, and so much more.

You can practice self-nurture through:

  • Skin brushing
  • Getting a massage
  • Taking a bath with essential oils and candles
  • Using a warm water bottle or heating pad on tense muscles
  • Meditating
  • Visiting a place that makes you feel calm
  • Getting a manicure or pedicure

There are many forms self-nurture, so take the time to explore what you love to do, and what makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Written by

Diamond La Croix Integrative Nutrition Health Coach