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Repel Bugs, Naturally of Course

We’re moving into the heart of summer with longer days and hot and humid weather.With this change of season, I can only think of one downfall…bugs! Insects play an important role in our ecosystem, nevertheless I don’t want them eating away at my garden or me!
A natural and effective insect repellent is Neem Oil. Neem Oil is the oil pressed from the Neem Tree, a relative of the evergreen that is most commonly found in India. Neem Oil is non-toxic. It is an active ingredient in many skin care products and soaps. You can also get Neem in tea form or in a liquid extract. Neem Oil has many different uses, and as an insect repellent it works wonders!
You can find Neem Oil products specifically for the skin, or use the liquid extract. Dilute the extract with water, mixing together only what you will use, and spray on skin as a bug repellent. This same mixture can be used on your pets as well. A customer of ours was trying to prevent her daughter from contracting lice as it went around her school, we suggested Neem Oil. Again, spraying it on your skin or scalp. You can also mix the oil extract into a shampoo you already use.
Neem Oil works wonders as an insect repellent in your garden! Again, dilute the oil with water and spray directly onto your plant and the surrounding soil. Insects won’t dare to enter your garden.
This summer, take a natural approach to warding of unwanted bugs with Neem Oil. It is safe, effective and a “must have” for any organic gardener.