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Shop Local

We’re moving into the heart of growing season here in Northeast Ohio and the produce department here at Seven Grains is becoming full of locally grown fruits and veggies. Ohio has so much fertile farmland that offers a wide variety of produce through out the season, with many of these farms right in our backyard.

OhioKnowing where their food came from is becoming more important to the consumer. This is an excellent development for the consumer’s health and the increase in support of local agriculture, in particular organic agriculture. With all the locally grown produce and goods labeled throughout the store, customers often ask “what does local mean?” or “how local is local?”. Excellent questions.

Seven Grains keeps it simple. We support local and statewide agriculture and label the products accordingly. Our locally grown organic produce is grown within 10-15 miles of our store and any other Ohio Grown goods are labeled as such.

Local is better. Fresh fruits and veggies are harvested when closer to being ripe, increasing flavor and taste. Eating locally will offer change to your diet as seasons change, which will lead to an understanding of when and what your region can produce. And shopping locally, buying locally grown produce at your locally owned market, gives back to your local economy and food systems.

Written by CB