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Grow New Plants From Veggie Scraps

Grow New Plants From Veggie Scraps

There are so many different ways you can recycle and reuse the everyday items found in the home, especially in the kitchen.  Even veggie scraps can be reused, for soup stock or the garden compost. Another great  way to reuse veggie scraps, grow new plants from them!

Certain vegetables will continue to sprout and grow after they are cut. Give them the proper care, and they will grow into brand new plants! This method works best with organic produce. Much of conventional produce is treated to stop sprouting. In these ” experiments”, I use whats left of an organic celery stalk and a head of organic romaine.


Make a clean cut at the base end of the celery or head of lettuce.


Place the cut veggie scrap in a small glass or dish and fill with an inch or 2 of water.  Keep water full at this level, watering every few days. Store the dish in a sunny spot, windowsills work perfectly. This celery stalk was started on July 5th. Roots will start to form and grow. Allow your plant to get 2-3 inches tall, then transplant into a container.


This celery plant was started from scraps back in early May, then transplanted into a pot by the end of May. Celery is a heavy drinker, so water thoroughly and often!

This method of growing veggies is great! You get 2 plants for the price of one. It’s a great way to start container gardening. As well as the pleasure of watching this little plant grow a little each day. It’s a great experiment for kids too! So next time your done cooking, save those veggie scraps and give growing your own veggies a try!

Written by CB