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Fall Is Beautiful!

Fall is Beautiful!

It’s been a surprisingly nice Fall here in Northeast Ohio. Starting out with warm, sunny days that made us pine for more summer. Just as we were getting excited, Mother Nature reminded us, with some wind and rain, what Fall is suppose to feel like in Ohio. But it seems that luck may be on our side again, for the forecast for the next few days says warmer temps and sun!

Plan to enjoy it! This may be our Indian summer, our last chance to get outside and enjoy some sun without the need for winter hat and gloves. So go for a walk or bike ride, rake leaves, put your garden to rest for the year, or just bask in any sunlight you can get!

With Winter on the horizon (sorry, but true) we will need that extra Vitamin D more than ever! It’s amazing just how much the seasons can affect our overall health, especially one’s mental health. Being without sunshine and Vitamin D is tough on the body and takes it’s toll. There’s a reason why by March we get really excited by 5o degree weather, shedding our coats (often prematurely) just to get some sun on our skin. So use these sunny, beautiful days we have coming to us to get and store up some Vitamin D!

Written by CB