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Exercise Outside, Even in Winter

The cold, dark days of winter will make anyone want to hibernate. Don’t let the cold scare you, rather work with the season and get the most out of your winter! Joining a gym or fitness class is always an option, but to try something new, work the weather changes into your exercise routine!
Walking or running is still an option, despite the snow on the ground. Take a walk around your neighborhood or take a drive to a destination. Here in Northeast Ohio there are plenty of places that sparkle in winter! The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, The Metro Parks, or the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail are just a few places open and free to the public. Choose a trail and enjoy nature even in the dead of winter.
Exercising outdoors in winter, whether walking, running, or skiing, requires forethought in what to wear! As long as you are dressed for the weather, your activities don’t need to be hindered. Always check the weather before heading outside. Dress in layers, keeping key parts of your body particularly dry. Thick, warm (wool is an excellent choice) socks are a must. Also, make sure to protect your joints. Exercising at too extreme of temperatures can damage muscle and tissue, so when walking, running, cycling in colder weather make sure to have long pants and sleeves.
Whether you’re a lover of winter sports or just looking to get out of the house, don’t be afraid of the cold. Winter should not stop you from exercising and feeling healthy; if you are dressed for the weather, you won’t mind the cold.