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Apple Cider Vinegar For Candida And Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar for Candida and Weight Loss

Just about all of us struggle with unwanted weight gain. Especially as we age and our hormones change, our metabolism slows down and we sometimes become less active. For some people they can reduce their calorie intake, choose better foods and stay physically active and have good success at managing a healthy body weight. But for some they can seemingly do everything right but no matter how they try they just can’t loose the pounds. Many times the reason for this is none other than Candida.

Candida also referred to as candida albicans is a genus of yeast that can cause fungal infection in and on the body. For this discussion we will focus on the candida that inhabit the gut and cause a host of health problems including stubborn weight gain. Candida is an opportunist and it will settle into the digestive system or anywhere throughout the body if given the chance. This chance comes when the bodily systems are out of balance and not able to keep it in check.

The first thing we need to do is understand that good overall health requires a highly acidic digestive system and an alkaline ph throughout the rest of the body. Conversely, we need to recognize that candida thrives in a low acid alkaline gut and an acidic body and candida seeks to cause both for its own benefit.

So, let’s get started. When we eat a diet loaded with processed, bleached and heat pasteurized foods we are contributing to candida. This is because these foods lack life such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics all of which promote healthy bacteria that can keep candida in check. Sugar rich foods feed candida like nothing else and perhaps the most useful sugar to candida is that which is found in alcoholic beverages, and in particular those that are carbonated. Carbonation disrupts and displaces the healthy bacteria needed for healthy digestion in the gut and makes way for candida.

Once candida sets in it becomes a living entity within our bodies and starts to call the shots and can directly influence our food choice decisions. This can lead to ever more poor food choices and increased intake of these choices all of which contribute to the propagation of more candida. While cravings become more prevalent, overall calorie intake increases, and candida gets stronger. Weight gain is an inevitable by-product, especially weight gain in and around the gut.

To deal with candida head on one needs to approach the unwanted invader in two ways, stop feeding and assisting it and begin the process of killing it off. The first step, cut the lifeline mainly sugar. Take measures to minimize or eliminate sugar and lifeless processed foods. Then reduce or eliminate things like carbonation and medications especially antibiotics that assist candida by disrupting the delicate balance in the gut in favor of the micro organism.

Then focus on food intake that increases healthy bacteria that can push out the candida such as fresh vegetables, or cultured foods like sour kraut, kefir and low sugar yogurt and add in a probiotic supplement. Now for the coup de grace: add foods that can kill off the candida by increasing digestive acids such as citric acid perhaps in the form of vitamin C and fresh lemons. Coconut oil is another good one and perhaps the best and easiest is apple cider vinegar.

As for dosage amounts of apple cider vinegar, about 1 to maybe 2 oz. Spread out over three to four times a day, mix it with water, add it to your smoothie or take it straight. Start out slow with small amounts and experiment to determine what amount is right for you but the best approach is frequent doses throughout the day to maintain constant acidity in the gut. Oh and by the way, if you experience some mental fogginess or even some stomach upset this is usually normal as you are now killing off the candida. Give it a go and see if it works for you.

Written by DMK of Seven Grains