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Organic Harvest Month

 Organic HarvestAccording to the Organic Trade Association, September is Organic Harvest Month and what better time than Fall to indulge in Organic foods! Whether you are a loyal organic shopper or a novice, let this be the month you try something new!

In the produce department, organic apples, hard squash, potatoes, grapes, and greens are just a few things that are in season and great choices for the organic shopper. Few things illustrate the difference in taste and quality better than organic grapes compared to their conventional counterparts. The flavor is outstanding!

Maybe for your Organic Harvest Month celebration, you treat yourself and try some certified organic ice cream or chocolate! Take home some organic flour, organic eggs, and organic chocolate chips for a batch of homemade organic goodies!

Take care of your body with organics. With organic soaps, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and more, you can pamper yourself with nothing but organic, good for you and the environment products.

However you decide to celebrate, enjoy it. And if you have ever wondered what the big deal is or what the difference could be between conventional and organic, now is the time to try. Buying organic foods is supporting organic food production and agriculture. With this support is a message as well, that consumers want more clean, un-modified, nutritiously rich foods.

Written by CB