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Raw Thoughts

Raw Thoughts

Simply stated raw foods have more nutrients then cooked foods and even more nutrients and health benefits than processed foods. Those following a raw food diet seek out organic foods for good reason. Organic foods are what most term as clean foods. They are not genetically modified and are free of chemicals, preservatives and additives. More importantly, organic foods contain higher nutrient levels than non-organic and in the case of meat proteins; organically raised animals are typically healthier by nature, and therefore a safer food source.

The practice of eating raw meat products is bound to draw sides and raise some eyebrows. The common believe is that if meat and seafood is not cooked there is greater chance of parasitic infection. The fact is cooking does not kill all parasites but does destroy much of the enzymes and health benefits in the meat.  Additionally when foods that contain fats such as meats and seafood are cooked, especially if cooked at high heat or are charred, they produce carcinogenic free radicals.

Raw foods such as meats and dairy in particular contain large amounts of enzymes and healthy bacteria both of which aid in healthy digestion and absorption. When foods provide enzymes naturally it reduces a significant burden on the body to produce enzymes for digestion. Additionally, many who follow a raw food diet containing meat proteins believe that this abundance of enzymes and healthy bacteria give the digestive tract and the immune system everything necessary to deal with any parasites present in the food.

The term raw milk is a bit of a misnomer. It implies that raw milk is not in its’ natural state and needs to be cooked or pasteurized.  Milk from a cow or milk from a human mother is none other than breast milk which nature provides for the health of the offspring.  In mammals breast milk is perhaps natures’ best and most complete food.  It is not a common belief that human breast milk has to be pasteurized in order to make it safe for consumption, so consequently neither should cows’ milk.  Milk from a healthy cow naturally contains antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties and providing it is collected and handled properly should be perfectly safe for human consumption.

Raw foods as compared to cooked foods contain higher amounts of vitamins, healthy bacteria, and enzymes. Raw plant-based foods contain higher amounts of antioxidants and phyto-chemicals as compared to cooked. Healthy bacteria populate the digestive tract and aid in digestion and absorption and protect against unhealthy bacteria and parasites. Enzymes are necessary for every function of every healthy cell in the body. Enzymes significantly improve the bodies’ ability to utilize vitamins and minerals.  Antioxidants are anti-aging and are the first line of defense against free radicals that are known to contribute directly to degenerative diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

A raw food diet may be just the answer for anyone wanting to move in a new direction and improve their health and energy. Following a raw food diet is really quite easy. All that is needed is quality raw food from a trusted source. There is little to no preparation as there is little to no cooked food depending on the degree of the diet. To add variety to the diet a blender or juicer can be used.

Written by DMK of Seven Grains.