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Overcoming Candida

Overcoming Candida

Does Candida thrive because of a weak immune system? Or does Candida cause a weak immune system? The answer is both.

Candida thrives in a host with a weakened immune system and a digestive tract that is out of balance and unfortunately our modern world and food supply is quite good at disrupting both. Additionally, Candida can make a once healthy host weak.  Once Candida has dominated the gut it’s time for them to move on throughout the body. Today’s food supply is refined, processed and dominated by simple carbohydrates which is the perfect food supply for Candida and an even more perfect food for Candida is alcohol. For anyone who suspects Candida as a cause or contributor for any health condition physical, mental, addictive, or otherwise the approach should involve radical change to the standard routine.

The most logical place to start is with diet as it is most likely the current diet that has allowed for the Candida to take hold in the first place. Cut simple carbs and sugar as this is the main food source for Candida. Additionally, look to improve the health of the digestive tract in general.  Focus on raw foods with a healthy amounts of protein and omega oils that are rich in enzymes and probiotics (healthy bacteria ).  An estimated 70% of the Human immune system is in the gut and probiotics make up the main component.  Probiotics are important for not only preventing Candida but also aid the body in eliminating the existing.

Focus in on cultured foods such as unsweetened yogurt and raw milk if available and fermented foods such as raw sauerkraut. These will help to restore the healthy friendly flora in the gut and improve the immune system.

Although all medications are toxic and can lead to digestive issues that favor Candida the single largest contributor would likely be Antibiotics. Antibiotics can lay waste to the digestive tract and all of the possible health benefits it can provide. Therefore consulting the standard medical Doctor may not necessarily be the best option. Many times Doctors overlook Candida as a possible contributor to any condition and prescribe medications which only exacerbate the problem.

Focus on antifungal foods such as: Fish oils and other omega oils, garlic, onions, leeks, apple cider vinegar and citrus seed extracts.

Herbs such as Pau d’arco, Calendula, Tea Tree and Goldenseal are known antifungals.
Aloe vera  and Ginger can help repair damage and inflammation to the intestinal tract as a result of Candida overgrowth.
Drink water in place of fruit drinks and especially carbonated beverages. Fruit drinks are simple sugars that feed Candida and carbonation disrupts the friendly bacteria in the gut that are needed to combat Candida. Consider oil of oregano and peppermint as they are both antifungal.

There are some foods and substances that contain higher levels of yeast and mold fungus such as coffee, alcohol, chocolate, and tobacco. In the case of coffee, alcohol, and chocolate these are prepared through a fermentation process that allows for yeast and mold. It may be wise to eliminate or minimize such things. Perhaps they can be added back in slowly later after healing.

Now for an important note: it is not realistic for anyone to eliminate yeast fungus from their lives entirely. It is just not possible. Yeast is floating in the air we breathe it lands on the food we eat and the water we drink. The best overall approach is to minimize our exposure and to nurture our body and immune system so as to deal with Candida and keep levels safe and acceptable.

Written by DMK of Seven Grains