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Enjoy a Meat Free Holiday

The Holidays are a time to celebrate, celebrate the harvest, the change of seasons and all those dear to you. Holidays are for all to celebrate, not just meat eaters. For those vegetarians, vegans, or those who just don’t want a huge turkey dinner, there are other options that wont leave you feeling slighted for not partaking in the turkey feast.

Tofurky makes a Vegetarian Roast, made from tofu, stuffed with a brown rice and whole wheat bread stuffing. This roast is VEGAN!

If that’s not enough for all in attendance, they also make a Vegetarian Feast! This comes with a larger vegetarian roast, stuffing included, Tofurky “Giblet” Gravy,  a Tofurky Jurky Wishstix and dessert, an organic chocolate cake!

For anyone avoiding soy, there is Quorn meatless and soy-free Turk’y Roast. Made up of 58% mycoprotein, this roast is high in protein and low in fat! Unlike turkey, this roast won’t put you to sleep!

You can never go wrong with Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute. A rich, hazelnut-infused vegetarian grain meat stuffed with Field Roast sausages. This roast is also Vegan.

The Holidays are a time to celebrate the Harvest and enjoy, literally, the fruits of your labor from throughout the season. So forget the meat, and instead turn to the squashes, green beans, apples, sweet potatoes and all the things that mean winter!