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Think Spring with Garden Planning

Spring is just around the corner, so its only natural to start dreaming of warmer days and fun summer activities. It’s the perfect time to start planning your garden! Whether your growing vegetables, flowers, or both planning ahead will keep you on schedule and your garden flourishing.

In order to know what plants you will be able to grow based on your location, you must identify the hardiness zone in which you live. A hardiness zone is a defined area based on climatic conditions that indicates what type of plant life will survive and thrive. Plant life must be able to withstand the minimum temperature of an area to be properly grown there. To find out which hardiness zone you live in, check out the US Department of Agriculture.

A fun, simple task perfect for cold weather is deciding what your going to plant and where you can find these items. A good way to stay organized is to take an inventory of all the seeds you currently have. Identify when throughout the season the seeds should be planted and their preferred growing conditions. Once you know what seeds you have, start thinking about what seeds you want. Markets, hardware stores, and nurseries will all start to carry seeds this time of year. Also there are many online and catalog seed companies to choose from.

Now to figure out when to plant your seeds, you must find the average day of last frost for your region. The 2013 Farmers Almanac is sure to have this information, either pick up a copy or go to their website, Knowing this day is helpful for garden planning. Certain seeds can be planted before this day for an early crop, and some must wait to be planted in warmer soil. Many seed varieties benefit from being started indoors. With the last frost date and knowing the germination period of the seeds, you can plan your seed starting to be ready as soon as the ground is!

Planning ahead will benefit your garden and extend your season. Remember gardening should always be work you enjoy doing. Have fun, be creative and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Written by CB of Seven Grains