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What Is Ear Candling, And How Does It Work?

What is Ear Candling, and How Does It Work?

There are many misconception on ear candling and how they actually work. The most common misconception  is that the candle creates a vacuum of sorts and draws wax and impurities out of the ear canal. This, in fact, is far from the truth.

What is an Ear Candle?

An Ear Candle is a specially designed hollow candle made out of wax dipped cotton.  It is best to use Ear Candles that are made with Certified Organic materials, such as Harmony Cones. “Ear Candling is a natural healing modality used by many generations for conditions related to congestion and pressure.” –Harmony Cones

How Exactly Do Ear Candles Work?

When the Ear Candle is lit, the smoke from the candle is funneled into the ear canal through a vortex. The vortex is not to be confused with a vacuum. When the smoke enters the ear canal the reflexology points of the ear can be stimulated. This allows the body to shift from a Sympathetic (stressed) state to a Parasympathetic (relaxed) state. When our bodies are in a relaxed state it is easier for our bodies heal themselves.

The Truth?

Ear candles are not medical devices create that draw wax and impurities out of the ear canal. After using an Ear Candle there is residue that lines the inside of the candle. This residue or debris found inside an Ear Candle after burning, is not ear wax or and thing from the ear. It is simply the result of inferior raw materials and an improperly correlated burn ratio between the wax and cloth. This is more common in poorly crafted ear candles.

Interested in Ear Candling?

Here at Seven Grains, we carry Harmony Ear Candles, a company we love and trust. To learn more about Harmony Cones, visit them at Please, consult your physician before attempting Ear Candling.


Written By,
Diamond La Croix

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach