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5 Steps To Mindful Eating

5 Steps to Mindful Eating

Whether you are over eating, under eating, or eating just the right amount of food, being mindful while eating has many benefits. It can encourage a positive relationship with food, help you maintain a healthy weight, aid in digestion, reduce stress, and help us make conscious decisions when choosing food. Food is meant to give energy and vital nutrients to allow our bodies to heal, grow, and thrive. With these five steps to mindful eating you will allow you to become more in-tune with your body.

  1. Observe: Notice how you are feeling. Is your stomach rumbling? Do you have low energy? Are you satisfied? Full or empty? These are all things to be aware of when eating. It will help you gauge your hunger, when to eat and when to stop eating.
  2. Be In the Moment: Be present. No, be fully present. Turn off distractions. These include, computers, cell phones, TVs. Sit down when you eat. Just eat.
  3. Be Non-Judgmental: Speak and think mindfully and compassionately.   Notice when “shoulds,” rigid rules, and guilt pop into your head. Don’t beat yourself up for what you eat. Just make better food choices next time. No one is perfect.
  4. Savor: Enjoy your food. Notice the aroma, texture, and flavor. Is it soft or crunchy, sweet or salty? Take the time to chew each bite fully. Take a sip of water between bites. Take your time.
  5. Be Aware: Taste your food. Be mindful of each bite you take.


Written by,

Diamond La Croix

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach