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A Cool Summer In Northeast Ohio

A Cool Summer in Northeast Ohio

The past few seasons have been challenging here in Northeast Ohio. The winter was long and particularly harsh. Spring brought moderate temperatures with lots of rain. And the rain and cooler temps have stuck around and continued through summer, with a few bursts of extremely hot and humid days. This strange, unpredictable weather has effected us all.

According to the National Weather Service, Ohio is experiencing the coolest July since the 1920s, with an average daily temperature of only 69 degrees. Ranging from a high of 88 degrees to a low of 51 degrees, this summer has felt very little like summer at all. Ohio has also received .53 inches of rain more than the normal amount for the month of July.

Some Ohio farmers have benefited from the consistent supply of rain. With long periods of drought in our recent summer history, this wet and cooler season has been a welcomed break for those growing lettuce, greens, potatoes, etc. Others are still anxious to see how this weather will effect their crops of tomatoes, hard squashes, and apples. The lack of hot, sunny days has delayed the growth process of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants among other crops.

Ohio peaches were, unfortunately, hit hard by the long, bitter winter. The extreme cold temperatures damaged a large portion of stone fruit throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. Only time will tell how these orchards recover from the weather. Hopefully this winter is a bit more mild and the fruit trees will be able to bounce back.

This strange weather has effected us all. Again, winter here  in Ohio was long and harsh. Often it is the excitement and anticipation of spring and summer that helps get us through those last few cold months. However, it seems this summer has not met our expectations, causing people to be more on edge and less happy. These cool, quickly changing temperatures have also led to more issues with allergies and colds.

With Fall just around the corner, it is hard to say what kind of weather were moving towards. Will this fall be long and warm? Or will winter come early and be harsh again? Either way, we are all in this together. It is our duty to each other and ourselves to stay positive and to adapt to our surroundings.

Written by CB