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My Aronia

My Aronia

I first learned about Aronia while browsing through a field guide on wild edible plants. The listing was actually for Chokeberries. Initially I was not overly interested until I was exploring another reference on medicinal plants and it offered an in-depth look at Chokeberries and their benefits. I was immediately intrigued and I started looking at Aronia from every angle and reference I could find. The result? Aronia is now an important part of my diet and lifestyle and I have even taken to incorporating Chokeberry shrubs into the landscaping around the house. I have also identified several places where they grow wild and pick the berries from mid to late August and throughout the fall.

My Aronia routine is as follows. I do a shot of Aronia concentrate every morning, and depending on my overall health at that time, I may take more throughout the day. First thing upon rising I knock back about 1 ounce of Aronia concentrate then chase it down with a wedge of lemon which is a potent purifier and then follow with16 to 20 oz of filtered water to rehydrate. Bear in mind I don’t take it for the flavor, as it’s quite tart. Then after going about my normal morning routine I make a low sugar, high protein breakfast rich in healthy fats.

After taking Aronia faithfully for about six months I realized the following benefits just to name a few:
• Like most people my age I noticed my eyes are not what they used to be. I have tried a variety of supplements for eye health and made some changes to my diet but nothing seemed to really work until the introduction of Aronia. After about three months of consistent use I began to notice significant benefit especially in the area of night vision.
• I like to get healthy doses of unprotected sunlight to help lift my spirits and maintain overall health. I am always careful not to get too much as to harm my skin. But after taking Aronia for a period of time I noticed that I could stay in the sun for longer periods of time without showing any signs of redness or damage even without using sunscreen of any kind.
• In the recent past I injured a joint that healed over time, but there were always those times when I felt a little stiffness due to the injury. Again, the only thing I changed about my diet and routine was the Aronia and as of late I’ve noticed that the stiffness is now nonexistent.
• I have given a lot of consideration to improving my immune system over the years and I’ve done quite well at it. But even so there are still times when I feel a little sniffle or maybe a sore throat coming on, although I am usually able to overcome it rather quickly. With the introduction of Aronia I have noticed even less incidence and shorter duration of a cold or similar.
• It may not seem like much, but I’ve noticed after the introduction of Aronia to my diet my hair and nails are growing significantly faster.
• I like to exercise regularly and push myself enough to feel a little soreness. With Aronia in my diet I have noticed it takes increased effort to feel any soreness

I am always looking for what I call home runs to add to my diet and routine. With that said, I would have to classify Aronia as a grand slam hit clean out of the ballbark. If you are interested in improving your overall health or any aspect thereof you would be wise to consider Aronia.

Written by DMK of Seven Grains.