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Does One Diet Fit All?

Does One Diet Fit All?

Is there one diet that fits everyone’s needs? Can one diet, or way of eating put everyone at their perfect weight, mental state, and create a perfect blood panel?

It seems as though there is a new diet out every week. They all claim to be the “ultimate weight loss solution” or the “healthiest diet”. Most of these diets include a strict way of eating prohibiting certain foods, restricting calories, and so on.

There are many people who have tried these diets. Some thrive with mental clarity, weight loss, or healthy glowing skin and others are left feeling fatigued, have acne breakouts, or have uncontrollable cravings.

So, which diet fits everyone’s needs you ask? The answer is simply, none. There is no one diet fits all. No one diet can cure everyone’s ailments, and no one diet is sustainable long term for everyone.

Everybody is different when it comes to what foods we thrive on. This is based on bioindividuality. Anything from climate, age, ancestry, blood type, allergies, diseases, season, etc. can affect what foods one should eat to thrive.

The key to knowing what diet works best for you is listening to your body. One method that may help you is keeping a food diary. In this food diary: track what foods you ate (including beverages), what times you consumed them, and how you felt afterwards. This diary isn’t intended for long term use, unless you want it to be. Over time you will learn what foods make you feel good and what foods don’t.

The goal is to not stress over food. Food is meant to keep us happy, alive, and thriving. It is not meant to make us uncomfortable or feel guilty after eating it. Eating to thrive takes conscious eating and patience. Enjoy your journey to good health!


Written by,

Diamond La Croix

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach