No one touches our selection of Fresh Meats and Poultry. Our Beef is Certified Organic and 100% Grass Fed for the Life of the Animal. “For the Life of the Animal” is what sets us apart from our competitors, and quite frankly, is what makes our protein program so superior to any other retailer including the local butcher and meat shops. We are so passionate about word games and transparency, we feel it’s important to fully educate our customers. Most retailers play the Grass Fed Game quite well, using the words frequently within their marketing. Unfortunately, if a cow has been fed grass as little as a handful of times in its life it can be marketed as “grass fed”. This is true even if the animal was “finished” (this relates to how it was fed the remaining time) with grain. Unfortunately, that grain is nearly always grown as a genetically modified plant and is often subject to herbicides and pesticides. Another trick is to feed the animal grass for a couple of months then switch to hay for the remaining time, all the while calling it 100% Grass Fed. Here’s the problem with this method. The misconception is that hay is simply “dried grass”. However, most hay is not. It is actually legume plants that are raised specifically for cattle feed and again are usually genetically modified and also receive pesticides. In both cases, the benefit of eating 100% Grass Fed Beef is negated because the diet is not what it seems. Only true, green, living grass provides the CLA and enzymes that make real grass fed beef so healthy! That same care and integrity we instill in our beef program can be seen in our poultry as well! Our poultry is Ohio Raised without the use of Antibiotics. Raised and processed in a Free-Roaming, Humane environment, this chicken is fed a Non-GMO grain diet free of animal by-products. The result is a superior product that is exceptionally tender and tasty!

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