GLUT At over 2500 items, Seven Grains has one of the largest selections of Gluten Free products in Northeastern Ohio! And as a diagnosed Celiac, we also understand the importance of a maintaining a truly “clean” lifestyle which means Gluten Free products that are also free of harmful dyes, preservatives, and other immune-weakening ingredients like hydrogenated oils, MSG, and nitrates. That’s why every one of the 2500+ Gluten Free items on our shelves are also free of these harmful ingredients. All of the Gluten Free lines we carry have tested at or below the FDA required 20 parts per million---and many at 10-5 parts per million! Now that’s what we call REAL Gluten Free! Seven Grains are also the only retail outlet in the Akron-Canton-Cleveland are to carry the countries’ ONLY line of Certified Gluten Free Deli Meats, Certified by the National Celiac Association. And we are proud to offer Ohio’s only fresh baked, made-to-order Fully Decorated Allergen Free Cakes! They’re wonderful for any special occasion and can be made to suit even the most difficult Allergy specifications.

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