Warning: Don’t come to Seven Grains hungry or you’ll be tempted to buy everything! Our customers enjoy a variety of cheeses from Ohio’s Amish Country like Bermuda Onion, Smoked Swiss, and of course, their famous Heini’s and Guggisberg brands plus Organic and Raw Milk varieties. Our deli meats are always free of Nitrates as well as Antibiotics and Hormones. Enjoy our homemade prepared salads like Cranberry Almond Quinoa, Curry Tofu, Crunchy Kale, Red Potato Dill, and Seven Grain, just to name a few. And talk about mouth-watering, our homemade entrees will feed the family! Take home Stuffed Peppers, Mini-Meatloaves, Chicken Cordon’ Blue, Quiche, Salmon Cakes, Garlic Red Skin Mashed Potatoes, and more and all made from our Organic Beef, Free Roaming Poultry, Wild Catch Seafood, and Organic Veggies! Plus we always have Vegan and Non-Gluten Friendly options available too! Trust us, if you leave hungry it’s your own fault!

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